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We Buy Any House

We Buy Any House. Any Condition. Nationwide.

At Accelerate Homes we connect UK homeowners who need a quick sale with we buy any house cash property buyers. Our recommended partners live by the slogan - we buy any house in any condition, nationwide! Over the past 10 years we have helped 1000s of homeowners sell their house quickly and for cash using our we buy any house service!

We pride ourselves on providing a fast, fair and transparent service for our customers. We partner with a small group of cash buyers who operate to the highest standards in the quick property sales industry. Throughout the process their friendly and professional property teams will be on hand to answer any of your questions and deliver a sale solution that works best for you.

All our recommended partners have their own significant investment funds, which means they can guarantee their cash offers and move as quickly as you would like to complete your sale. No hassle, no fuss!

If you are experiencing immediate financial difficulties they can offer upfront cash advances to ease your burden.

Moreover, they do not charge for their services. In fact our partners will cover your surveying and legal fees, and they frequently allow sellers to remain in their house for a short period after they purchase it, rent free, so that you can plan your onward move.

Whatever your financial situation and whatever the state of your property, we are here to help. We buy any house in any condition, nationwide!  (We buy any house is also available in Scotland.)


Sell Your House

We Buy Any House Is As Simple As 1-2-3

Receive a Cash Offer

Complete our enquiry form to get a FREE cash estimate from one our recommended partners for selling your house within 24 hours. No viewings needed!

Confirm House Sale Price

Our partners will pay for an independent RICS survey and confirm a sale price to make you a firm offer.

Sell Your House

A vast access to cash funds means our partners can complete in as little as 7 days. You set the completion date.

Customers Love Us!

Consistent 5* Reviews of our Buying Company

“We got a quick cash offer and closed within two weeks!”

“The cash buyer that Accelerate Homes recommended were professional and a pleasure to deal with. Andy in the Sales Department was helpful from the beginning and throughout the process, which made the house sale a straightforward and relatively stress-free experience. His understanding of our situation was first class. I would have no hesitation to recommend this buying company and their we buy any house service.

Petula Mylchreest


“They clearly explained the process and lived up to their promises”

“The sale of our property was so easy and straightforward. We had constant questions but Sarah always had the time to answer any queries. The company Accelerate Homes recommended was top draw.

Mr and Mrs Loch


We Buy Any House

Guaranteed quick house sale

The process of selling your house couldn't be any more straightforward.

After you have completed our enquiry form we will connect you to one of our recommended partners who will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your situation and make you an initial offer. Our partners use local market research, bespoke valuation tools and years of experience to be able to make fast, fair and transparent cash offers, as well as come up with the best market value.

If you are happy with their offer they will arrange and pay for an independent RICS surveyor to provide an official valuation of your house before selling your house. Depending on the outcome of this independent survey and valuation they may revise their initial offer, this happens rarely but is worth noting. Their final offer by the buying company is always final. Throughout the valuation period they will advise you of any changes and will never reduce their final offer at the last minute (read more).

At no point are you under any obligation to proceed with the final offer. All our partners are long-standing UK property companies who provide fair, safe and hassle-free services for their customers. Our goal is to help by connecting you with the best cash property buyers, not put you under more pressure and stress, no matter if you're looking to sell and rent back or something else. Our partners will always be totally transparent throughout the sales process and open and friendly in sales negotiations. And to make life easier they will always cover your legal fees and will not take an admin fee, should you agree to proceed.

Whatever your situation, whether you need a fast house sale due to a divorce, are experiencing financial difficulties and / or need to stop repossession proceedings, or indeed are looking to move an inherited property fast, we are here to find the perfect sale solution for you.

We only work in partnership with cash property buyers who are trusted partner members of The Property Ombudsman and National Association of Property Buyers.


Cash Sale vs. Estate Agents

We buy any house, nationwide!

estate agents vs cash property buyers

Using a specialist cash property buyer or buying company is a great alternative to a traditional estate agent as they do literally buy any house in any condition, nationwide. And better still can make cash purchases, this means no chains, no tiresome viewings and most important, FAST!

These are the pros and cons as we see them when house buying:


  • We provide guaranteed cash offers for house buying
  • We cover all costs, incl. surveys, admin fees and legal fees
  • We don't need to view your property
  • We have significant cash reserves, so no chains with our buying company
  • We buy any house in any condition
  • We can arrange clearance and removal for you
  • We can offer upfront cash advances
  • We can complete house buying within 7 days


  • There is usually more money on the open market, which allows you to get market value.
  • Fast cash buyer scams are real (read how to protect yourself and get the market value you deserve)

Selling to a Cash Buyer (7 Days+)

Selling via Estate Agent (6 Months)

Asking Price



Average Agreed Purchase Price



Final Agreed Price After Survey



Estate Agent Fees


£2,592 + VAT

Cosmetic Repairs Needed



Solicitor Fees



Council Tax and Other Bills
(while sale is going through)



Mortgage Payments
(while sale is going through)



Net Price Achieved



We Buy Any House Scams

6 Things To Avoid

buying any house scams

We Buy Any House Down Valuations

Down valuations occur when a quick sale company offers you a flattering valuation for your house and then offers you a substantially reduced value after contracts have been exchange. This is a major issue, as you may have already made plans on the agreed price and are now stuck.

This as you can imagine is a deplorable act. But folks, it happens so be careful. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Here is how the process should work and this is how our cash house buying partners at Accelerate Homes conduct business.

After you make an enquiry, for example, by competing our enquiry form you will get an initial estimation for your property. Generally, a cash buyer will turn this around in 24 hours and base their valuation on a bespoke methodology that uses local market research tools and a cash valuation model (market value) (this is to say that the industry generally works at around 80% of the market value). At this stage a buyer will call you to discuss your circumstances and should explain in an upfront manner the initial estimation and how it is subject to an independent survey.

If, after the call, you want to proceed most buyers will arrange and pay for an independent Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuation of your property / market value. A perk of working with Accelerate Homes is that all our partners cover the costs of this service, including the RICS report.

Depending on the outcome of the RICS report a buyer may increase or decrease their offer price in-line with their valuation. They should confirm this in writing and should not change the final offer price at this point.

Throughout the entire process you should not be obligated to proceed and should be able to back out at any point


No Access To Real Cash Funds

Many quick sale companies don’t actually have cash funds to buy your home. They are either using mortgages to buy your home, which defeats the purpose of being a “cash buyer”, or are reliant on investor funds.

As you can imagine, without access to cash funds the idea of achieving a fast sale is often negated. This issue ties in closely to Scam 3 and 6 below.

To avoid this issue you should find out upfront how your buyer plans to finance the purchase of your property and whether they have ‘real cash funds’.

In terms of Accelerate Homes, all the companies we partner with have access to significant cash property funds, which allows them to always guarantee cash offers and never rely on mortgages lenders or third party investors to buy your house.


Unrealistic Timescales with We Buy Any House Services

Some quick house sale companies promise unrealistic timescales to complete their sale. Many say they can do so in under a week! If you do need to sell your house incredibly quickly then you need to make sure that the company you are dealing with is indeed a cash buyer to buy your home. Without access to immediate cash there is no way that a buyer can complete the sale in a really short time span.

With Accelerate Homes, our partners have access to real cash funds that allows them to literally move as fast as you need. The fastest cash buyer in our network has competed a sale in 7 working days. But to do so means everyone, including you, needs to be on the ball. On average our recommended partners complete sales in 28 working days. We tell our customers to expect sales to complete in 2-4 weeks.

If you need more time to get your affairs into order our partners will never put you under pressure to move faster.


"Lockout" Agreements

“Lock Out” agreements or long-term exclusivity agreements are complicated documents that essentially bind you into dealing with only one company. They lock you into an exclusive relationship with a company and to get out of the agreement you often need to pay several thousand pounds.

If a quick sale company asks you to sign one of these documents, run away quickly! If you sign this document you are legally restricted to selling to the counter-party company. Worse still the counter-party company is often not obligated to buy your home, so you could end up not being able to sell your house.

In short, do not sign a lock out agreement.

It goes without saying, under no circumstances would any partner who works with Accelerate Homes request you to sign a lock out exclusivity agreement.


Unregulated Sale and Rent Back

Sale and Rent Back schemes occur when a buyer agrees to purchase your property and allow you to rent back. In effect, ownership of the property changes but you don’t need to move, instead you become a tenant, usually on much better terms than your mortgage repayments.

As you can imagine, sale and rent back schemes can be very attractive, but once you have sold your rights as an owner to the new investor, your rights as a tenant are considerably reduced. For example, your tenancy agreement could be only 6 month long and then you may have to move.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA), now the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), recently starting regulating companies and investors who offer Sale and Rent Back (SARB) solutions. To offer a SRAB service a company now needs to be registered with the FCA.

If your buyer is offering you a Sale and Rent Back option make sure to check that they are registered with the FCA. If they are not, then do not do business with them (regardless of how good the offer is!)


Requesting False Sales Price

This issue ties into scam 2 with we buy any house: no access to cash funds. A clear indicator that a company or investor does not have cash funds is if they ask you to state that your property is being sold for the full market value rather than the price you have negotiated with them.

They do this so that they can go to their lender and get a larger mortgage based on the full market value. For example, if you are selling to the investor for £90,000 and the full market value is £120,000, the investor may want to say to the lender that they are house buying at the full market value but only need to borrow £90,000 (or 75% of the inflated price). They are more likely to get a 75% loan to market value than a 90% or 100% (thankfully these types of loans are not prevalent in the market anymore).

Making a false claim to a lender like the example above is in fact fraud and both the buyer and the seller could face prosecution.

In short, if your buyer is asking you to make any false claims or do things that don’t seem above board, then we recommend avoiding them and picking another we buy any house company.

Avoid We Buy Any House Scams

We Buy Any House Safety Checklist

we buy any house checklist

Here is our handy checklist of things to consider when engaging a we buy any house company:

  1. Check if your buyer is a genuine cash buyer: How are they planning to finance the purchase of your property? If they are planning to use a mortgage lender or a third party investor, then we would suggest proceeding with caution.
  2. Check what fees are involved: Do they charge an admin fee? Do they cover your RICS valuation and legal fees? Generally we recommend only engaging a company that covers all fees and does not charge an admin fee.
  3. Check what their policy is with ‘down valuation’: If possible get their valuation policy in writing to ensure market value.
  4. Check and verify customer testimonials: Ask for customer testimonials and follow-up with previous sellers to get a real sense of how dealing with the company you are looking to engage works.
  5. Check that the company conducts an independent RICS valuation: Some companies do not use RICS surveys to provide their final offer price. Make sure the firm you engage has a policy to use a RICS survey to make their final offer on your property.
  6. Check if they have long-term exclusivity agreements: If they do then choose another we buy any house company.
  7. Check that they are legitimate: Do they have a registered office address? Can you visit them in person? How long have they been in the property business?
  8. Check their industry affiliations: At a minimum they should be members of the Property Onbudsmen and the National Association of Property Buyers.
  9. Check if they are FCA registered: If you plan to sale and rent back check that they are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. Do not engage a company that is not registered.

If the company you are looking to engage can meet all the criteria set out in the checklist above then you will likely have a positive experience and avoid any scam.

We Buy Any House - Frequently Asked Questions

Get Quick Answers

we buy any home faq

Selling your property fast is a big deal and it can be incredibly stressful. We're here to make the process as hassle-free and simple as possible, no matter if this is your first or second property.

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn't answered below please complete our enquiry form or call us.

Do you buy all types of properties?

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What price range of properties do you focus on?

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Do you ever pay upfront cash advances?

Do you buy houses with tenants in situ?

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